20 October 2010

Cards for Sale

Hi there people! Just wanted to let you all know that Serenity Gemz will no longer be selling Foxy Original items (although what is still on the blog is still available for purchase at clearance prices).

On the upside, I have decided to put up my own handmade greeting cards for sale! It all started because I am someone who loves giving out greeting cards to friends and family for any and all occasions. I know that many of us resort to sending emails, facebooking and texting alot of the time but you have to admit, nothing beats the thrill of receiving something in the mail from a special someone. I also started making my own greeting cards because I find the the variety of cards sold locally lacking and pricey for what they are. Year in, year out, I find myself looking at the same Valentine cards, birthday cards and so forth.

All my cards are made with high quality cardstock and acid free paper and embellishments where possible. Cards made from acid free paper will keep for a long long time and is important because acid causes paper and photos to disintegrate or fade away. All materials used are fully imported.

Every single card design is unique and most likely will not be replicated unless I get an individual request.

I hope you like what you see and please, feel free to leave comments and feedback!

Thank you and happy shopping!